Sunday, August 28, 2011
My inspiration

I’ve always been asked who my favourite photographer is. It should be an easy question to answer but it isn’t coz I love the work of many photographers, too many have inspired but to point out one outstanding name I’ve always had to think.




But I’ve found that one inspiring photographer. I’ve known his photos all my life, yet I never knew him. These are photos I’ve seen as a child and today I can remember why I have always loved them. He is none other than Stills Ravi, iconic Tamil film photographer. The iconic photos I connect with Tamil Cinema were shot by him. His signature backlit photos are amazing beyond words. So simple yet extraordinary.

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His vision and the subtle details in his photographs are mesmerising. Just look at how he photographed the moments during filming or his portrayal of the directors, cameraman, and music directors. Each actor and actresses character and subtle style can be seen in each picture.
Those photos from the 80s maybe dated in fashion but they are superbly stunning in his vision, execution and brilliance. I just never knew the brilliance behind it.


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41 34 25 28 10 8 5 26 21 22 18 16 11


Take a look at these photos, they’ve all been taken by Stills Ravi sir.




19 4 2 1 39 38 37 31


Thank you for the inspiration sir.

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Blogger Prem said...
I kept coming back to your gallery without really putting my fingers on what really pushed me to do so.. Of course I liked your Colours, composition and the interesting, Narrative POV.. But now looking at this article, I really understood what might have driven me here was the traces of all those wonderful yester year's goody. The simple beauty wrought with hands of Light by a master craftsman.I especially am floored by his back lighting which I relate to all that was good about that era but never really knew the person behind it. Thanks for giving a face to my long cherished elements of dream!

Blogger Visithra said...
thanks for the comment ;)

i think subconsciously i have always been inspired by his style, light - for me too it was a revelation

no worries - the feeling is mutual he is a master indeed