Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Beautiful moments

I was absolutely delighted when my friend Suba asked me to be her wedding photographer. I had met her a few years back and it turned out we knew the same people and before you know it we became friends.


Suba and Arun’s wedding took place at STC Catering’s Wedding Hall in Selayang while the bride and groom travelled from Puchong and Rawang respectively. The videographer Bong of Archer Videography and I headed to two different directions, me at the bride and him at the groom.

I was assisted by Edwin Tan during the wedding shoot. Thanks for helping Edwin ;)


Suba’s makeup artist was feverishly sick but she still turned up early in the wee hours of the morning to doll up the pretty lass. I absolutely loved the effect the light had on her during our shoot. Suba looked stunning in pearls and her red saree.

We then headed to the wedding hall to shoot the pink themed decor with my favourite fairy lights all across the venue. Here’s why I love fairy lights! To all future brides and grooms, please use them. I’m absolutely open to giving you ideas ;)

Beauty <


the groom ritual Mirrored    
I met Arun for the first time at the hall as he was based in the United Kingdom and had just returned back for the wedding. Arun was nervous at first but quickly warmed up to our team.


stunning Together

A promise

It was a beautiful wedding with family and friends involved in every step of the way. Beautiful smiles and lovely moments between the sweet couple. Indeed it was a moment to remember.

Together Sweet love

Congratulations again to the both of you!

beauty Reflected nalunggu Kiddo Blessings bond Fingers Bindi details Jewellery 


IMG_7497sa1 IMG_7652sa1 IMG_7849sa1 IMG_7985sa1 IMG_7672sa1 IMG_7781sa1 nalunggu IMG_7629sa1 IMG_7632sa1  IMG_8009sa1 Bindi bond Blessings IMG_7627sa1a IMG_8775sa1 IMG_7877sa1 IMG_7780sa1 IMG_7705sa1 binded by traditions Blessed Love IMG_8565sa1 IMG_7761sa1IMG_7829sa1  IMG_8109sa1 IMG_8129sa1 IMG_8226sa11 IMG_8297sa1 IMG_8318sa1 IMG_8322sa1 IMG_8279sa1 IMG_8106sa1 IMG_8111sa1 IMG_8444sa1 IMG_8453sa1 IMG_8575sa1 Love

geting ready Red n gold Earring  Rituals Gold IMG_7587sa1 IMG_7641sa1 IMG_7613sa1 IMG_8058sa1 IMG_7903k1 IMG_7946sa1 IMG_7996sa1 IMG_7819sa1 IMG_8084sa1 IMG_8093sa1 IMG_8162sa1 IMG_8361sa1 IMG_8371sa1 IMG_8438sa1

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