Thursday, November 11, 2010
Sandalwood, Henna and more

Dr Nalini’s second day nalunggu began in the afternoon as they were going to have the mehendi sessions later in the evening. Family and friends arrived early to set up the trays and gifts before they brought the trays in a procession. 



As you can see, I really loved the beautiful Ganesha kolam. Great job by the wedding decorators.


Sandalwood paste and scented rose water were lightly dabbed on her as part of the ceremony. She was then given a set of new clothes to change.

Ready  its mine ;) gift Bluesy Henna  its mine ;) Nalunggu nalini nalungu  Receiving gifts Nalunggu    IMG_2166ng1 IMG_1915ng1 IMG_2166ng1 IMG_2103ng1a  IMG_2255ng1 IMG_1915ng1 IMG_1859ng1IMG_1775ng1 IMG_1804ng1a IMG_1718ng1 IMG_1724ng2a IMG_1695ng1


Nail Art

The family had arranged for everyone to take turns putting on their mehendi. Right after the ceremony, the children headed straight to the mehendi table to get their hands decorated.

Bride to be

Only after that they realised they wouldn’t be able to eat their dinner so the parents had to feed the kids.

you're inviteddd Peace Ganesh
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