Saturday, June 12, 2010
Faces: Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers
When Peter first called me on behalf of Faces Magazine to be featured as one of the “Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers in Malaysia” I went mute for a second after hearing “we want to put you in a wedding gown!”

Umm that’s the dress I thought I would never have to wear as I am really not fond of white nor the whole princess feel ;p There’s a reason I prefer being an Indian bride ;p lol

Anyway each of us got to choose a wedding gown, figure out the accessories, pick photos and answer some interesting questions. Like how we would want our wedding to be! So you’ll have to read to find out more.


End of the day, we had a good time at the shoot, getting made up by Michelle Touche and team, dressed up by Pretty in White, hair styled by Miko Hair Studio and photographed by Peter Tan Photography. Meeting the rest of the ladies was a treat too (I’ve known a few) and we had fun shooting each other in between and posing with the makeup team.

So thanks to everyone who was involved and the Faces Magazine team. You can check out the rest of the photographers here

The article

And here’s a self portrait from that day – if you haven’t realised it till now, I’m the gal on the blog header above. ;)


To my clients and friends, thanks for the support ;)

Fatini Getting dolled up Faces - Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers"  Faces - Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers"

Doll Faces - Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers"

Have fun reading and do get a copy of the magazine ;) it's running out fast ;) You can read the full article here

The featured photos - phew it was such a daunting task to choose photos - so i gave them about 12 photos and these were the ones they picked ;) I do love the five photos you guys picked from the 12 I sent.

The moment... Goddess

The glow of a bride Splashed

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Blogger sabrina said...
OMG Babes!!!! CONGRATS!!!! I have to go out and get the mag now!!!!!!! Do u know if they have it in MPH???? I'm soo afraid it will run out!

Blogger Visithra said...
thanks dear ;)

that's where i got my copy - but it was at midvalley - i heard curve borders had it too - but popular ran out of copies

Blogger Me said...
vaira mookuthi visit ...kalakara po..:)

Blogger Visithra said...
hehe Me - u still calling me that? lol thanks dear

Blogger பிரபா said...
NIz Niz................congrts.

Blogger Visithra said...
thanks praba

Blogger ravijohnsmith said...
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Blogger Visithra said...
dear ravi - if u want ppl to find ur site through a link from here i suggest you take better photos - ur examples aren't really good

i suggest you place people like steve mccurry, palani mohan and such as examples

n btw the post has nothing to do with travel photography

Anonymous Novinthen said...
super bin duper :)

Blogger Visithra said...
thanks ;)

Anonymous Philip T said...
Nice! You look gorgeous!

Blogger Visithra said...
aww thanks ;)

Blogger The Lab Ratz said...
Hey Hey!!! Good job!! Keep it up! Wondering if you remember me, Lloyd from THSH!

Blogger Visithra said...
hey how are you ;) thanks for dropping by - yes i remember you ;) hope you're doing great ;)

Anonymous Jinat said...
It is nice to see and gorgeous, I've found your special task Visithra there in this post.

Nice set of image collection. I am happy to such various types of images in a single album. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous Mr.Rasel said...
I have seen first time these kind of nice images in a single set. All are so beautiful.

Anonymous Rual raise said...
awesome post and great mention for top 10 women photography.

Anonymous Yusuf said...
Awesome eye

Anonymous clipping solutions said...
Glad to know the top 10 women photographers.