Thursday, June 16, 2011
Baby Shravan
Loving hands

I absolutely love shooting children. they are just so amazing.

Sharp nose

but my most favourite time is shooting a baby while they're having their bathing ritual. Indian babies get a massive oil rub before they're lovingly drenched in water as the grandma or nanny bathes them.

Mummys love

ONe eye

the purpose for the ritual is to make their limbs stronger. Then they're warmed in a smoke of incense and slowly fall asleep. Ah so adorable ;)

I got to shoot Baby Shravan, little Karthi's brother a long time back but i'm finally posting about it ;p

Babys feet Boomi thodatha pillaiyin paatham Sweet Cutie Smoked Pinky five

Enjoy the photos ;) Karti makes an appearance too ;p

Cutesy All limbs  Little fingers Amma pooh delicate sleepy Grandmas hands

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