Thursday, June 9, 2011
What’s your budget?
I always get asked how does one budget a wedding. 

A union of hearts

What’s more important? 

What must you spend on?

Necklace Red n gold details 

For me I would spend on things I can keep and reuse. So it would be on gold, sarees and the memories of the actual day. Which means the bulk of my money would go on these items. I’d want to spend on photos coz I’m vain, I love good photos of myself, I love photos of moments, happiness, laughter and quirky moments. I would want video so I can rewind and play that funny moment in a wedding a gazillion times.

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At my brother’s wedding, we re-winded and watched this kid drop a spoon into the curry bowl and deny it to her dad a gazillion times. It was such a priceless moment. We laughed our heads off. At a friends brothers wedding, I told him to look out for the moment his brother playfully bounced the thali just before the tying the thali. The family sat down and watch the video for that moment. ;p

Engaged IMG_8297sa1

These are memories that I’m never going to forget so it helps to have them captured and ready to be seen anytime in the future.

But that’s me.


The priority for a wedding would depend on what works for you. I sometimes get emails from people telling me they regretted not spending on photography and videography but sadly by then it would have been too late. You can’t turn back time and get married again just for photos.

Hands binded in a promise Love Together

Another way to budget it is, see how much you’re spending for the decor and other items. For example if your decor budget itself is RM 30 000 and makes up 50 percent of your spending, your photography and videography budget should at least be 15 percent of the total cost.

But how do you judge if you’re paying for quality and creativity. It all lies in the final product. Most people can’t tell the difference between a good photo and an average photo. So here’s an idea of how to tell the difference.

Chariot Home ;)

This was a photo I took in 2005 with a mobile phone. Both are photos of a brightly lit chariot but both taken with different devices and at different skill levels. Compare the same location with the current photo I shot in 2010. That’s the difference a good photographer can bring to your wedding. Chose a vendor based on the quality of their work and not the price. If you must choose by price then work out a budget and see if you’re putting the proper budget for photography and videography. At the end of the day you decide what kind of memories you want to remember your special day.

A peck of love Veiled beauty Beautiful

So how do you decide on your budget?

First dance ;)

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