Friday, June 18, 2010
4th Time's a Charm

This was a pretty funny story to start with as the shoot got postponed three times ;p

We are family

First I called to ask if we could reschedule as my camera was still being serviced. The second week my clients husband decides to throw as surprise mother’s day celebration for his wife so we rescheduled again (i know so sweet right). The third time i got another call to change the shoot to the next day and so I switched times to the morning since I was busy in the evening. The both of us had our fingers crossed to make sure there was no more changes ;p

Daddy Time Daddys boy A moment love  Love 

It turned out for the best as we headed out to the park to shoot their family portraits with the main star of the day little Karthi ;) Ah what an inspiring little boy, he has the sweetest smile that blossoms when he spies his family, thank god I had the help of both his grandparents and his parents sisters for help to entertain him!


Karthi is super possessive of his family and its just so cute to watch ;) And he just loved being tossed into the air, not a single look of fear or nervousness, he just knew he could trust his family – so sweet ;)

Ice cream? light Daddys boy mummys boyGlee thinking Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi  Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Funky Family time Safe

Of course he had to bully poor old photographer me and only smile when he saw his family. However i’m 100 percent certain the kid is going to miss me coz he got to eat ice-cream because of me! And you should have seen the look of glee on his face when his mom let him play in the water pool. The kids smart coz i think he figured I was helping him break rules coz he flashed me an awesome smile – yes just for me ;p  awwwwwwww


Wee Daughters Mummys boy Happyness Seeking mom Woohoo Family Baby Karthi Family That aunty is not entertaining Baby Karthi  Glee

Thanks little one for being inspiring and to the family – you guys were awesome to shoot ;)


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