Monday, December 12, 2011
Thank you
A fore note – I wrote this weeks before during Thanksgiving after reading the letter by Joe. The wonder of this note is I’ve had more amazing opportunities and experiences in the last few weeks and once again I am thankful to everyone ;)

Joe Mcnally one of the world famous photographers I’ve had the rare opportunity to meet wrote a beautiful post on the things he was thankful for. It echoes my own sentiments as I’ve written many times, notes of thanks for the many things in life be it good or bad and I think it’s long overdue that I write another one.

Thank you for all the opportunities I’ve had in photography, the people I’ve met, the amazing opportunities to meet extraordinary photographers who are even more outstanding as people, the friends I’ve made, the photos that have moved me, the experiences I’ve learnt and many more than comes my way.

Thank you to all the friends and the people who have loved my work and continue to spread the joy to their circles of friends. Thank you for letting me be a part of your memory and treating me like family. Thank you for believing in me. Years down the line I want those photos to represent you as person and most importantly a cherished memory of love and happiness.

Thank you to everyone who thought of me when they saw an opportunity present itself. Regardless of the outcome your positive thoughts and actions have been a great encouragement for me. I am forever grateful and indebted to your kindness.

Thank you for all the wonderful travel opportunities I’ve had this year and the one’s to come. Travel is an addiction I inherited from my father and I am ever grateful for the experiences it has taught me.

Thank you to my IT experts and Equipment experts, yes I do like being poisoned and your advices and help has been an amazing support.

Thank you for the never-ending work, it’s a boon to a workaholic like me.

Thank you to everyone who has loved my work enough to drop me emails or personally found me to tell me, the million likes, favourites and words of appreciation. I truly cherish all of them. It’s an amazing feeling to wake up to all this everyday ;)  

Thank you for showing the light in the weirdest situations.

Thank you for the setback that put into perspective life’s priorities.

Thank you for teaching me to forgive but not forget.

Thank you to the worlds greatest artist - nature for your inspiring beauty and magical art work.

Thanks you for the bounty of rain and sun although I do have a preference for rain ;p

Thank you for all the choice of food we have, for there are many who have no choice.

Thank god I was born here for there is no where I would rather live or be a citizen of.

Thank you to all those people who are neither friends nor family who have shown me kindness and care. For all the times I was walked back to my car in my parking lot, my ever supportive and scary mechanics ;p, the various waiters and waitresses of the restaurants I frequent who treat me with extra care and provide me with entertainment, my dr’s who have taken the time to hear me out; drivers, middle people, coordinators who have been a helpful lot; the ever helpful hotel staffs, the awesome masseurs I’ve met this year, my tailors who create my whims and fancies, my printers who print and give me outstanding work every time, the stores who bring in essential stuff that I need and want, the service industry lot who get asked silly questions coz I want silly things ;p, Canon’s awesome service and ability to calm anxious me, Airasia for the cheap flights and lovely stewardess who don’t think they’re queens and you’re their subjects; Thank you everyone.

Thank you for all the wonderful music and dance I’ve had the opportunity to listen and watch. Music and dance moves me like nothing else and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to experience them.

Thank you for all my friends good and bad. The good for being such supportive shoulders and for the fun and laughter, the bad for proving to me my actions are correct and I’m better off without you. Peace is not underrated.

Thank you for all the criticism, back stabbing, brick bats and unkind words for you are my biggest encouragement. I work best in the face of adversity, for your actions and words will only fuel me to do better and for that I am ever grateful. I am where I am today because of you.

Thank you for the undying inspirations that drive me to do the craziest things. Thank you to the people who have learnt to trust me in my craziness. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Thank you for filling my soul with dance and music. Thank you for that opportunity to not only perform but to present one of those million ideas in my head that would have never had seen the light if it hadn’t been for such opportunities.

Thank you for all the sadness, fears, problems, blocks, disappointments and more for without them I wouldn’t be me. I am stronger only because of this.

Thank you for all the love for life is nothing without it.

Mostly thank you to god for always being there, in my tears and laughter. You have always been a strong support and I’m not sure whose faith in who is much stronger for everytime I think this is just too much you lift me up with your little miracles. 

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