Thursday, April 12, 2012
A family and their love
The gorgeous bride

This was one of the most popular dates of 2012. It was by chance that I got the privilege to photograph both their wedding and reception and I’m super glad I did.




Prior to their wedding, I had only met Muril briefly but only spoke to Sittar on the phone. So I was meeting her for the first time at their wedding in Parit Buntar, Perak. But if you had passed by the make up room that day you would have thought we were old friends from the laughter coming out of the room. It was a delight to shoot and meet Sittar and her cousins.


the look

A moment

Cool mappilai

Raman thediya sithai ;)




The wedding took place at Dewan Merdeka. I must say the people and the town were pretty lovely.
The best part about their wedding I was treated as part of the family. The wedding was about the marriage of these two wonderful people and no one cared about anything else. Even when the lights on stage blacked out for 15 minutes, no one was bothered about it but us the vendors. The décor team figured out the problem and quickly got the lights back on while the videographer and I did a little panic dance as there was no light!! Thankfully it came back soon enough.


the moment


This photo best represents this wedding and the family. The groom had just finished tying the thaali when the brides cousins and brothers who were standing behind me, started whistling much to the amusement of everyone. I turned back to see the happy bunch grinning as well. That's what this wedding was about the love of a family ;)

a promise

v Vaarthai Thevaillai, Vaazhum Kaalam Varai, Paavai Paarvai Mozhi Paesumae

The great fall ;p

Congrats again to the lovely couple.

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