Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Thaipusam 2010

Thaipusam is one of my favourite festivals and after I became a photographer, each year I challenge myself to take different photos of the festival.

red Spectator A moment thaipusam

As a friend wrote on my flickr page, it was only after he landed here smack during the festival did he realise how intense and hard it is to photograph Thaipusam.

Colourful thaipusam

For photographers it’s an absolutely stunning occasion to put your skills to test. Don’t give up just try somemore next year. For devotees and visitors its a stunning array of devotion and colours to the sound of the drums.


My previous story on meeting
Joe Mcnally and following him during Thaipusam is here.

So enjoy the photos ;)

Blue Drama The look Self Piercing! Preparations Pot of fire Cleansing Faith Om Shaved Home ;) Lime Listening Glee in prayer Cleansing red Spectator Overblown madness Paying homage concentration shower fun

Frenzy Blessing Drummer Thaipusam Vel Vel Back to KL Spine man? Poser Pal Kudam Holding on The look Hooked Coconut amused thaipusam Wired self torture? Hooked Calm Dance of fire

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Blogger BMahendran said...
hoooh maai god!

simply superb!

Anonymous Idzuan Rosli said...
Wow..all your photo are nice. Love the color and composition. Good job :)

Blogger Visithra said...
thanks mahen ;)

thanks idzuan ;)