Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Thaipusam Guide
In trance

One of the biggest festivals in the country Thaipusam is just days away. It is also perhaps one of the most photographed event and one year there was probably more photographers than devotees ;p

Anyway since I became a photographer and started shooting the event I realised a few things which I probably should have written about years ago but anyway here it is.

A photographers survival guide to Thaipusam

1 Respect the religion

By god's grace In trance

Yes its crowded you wanna get your shot but getting it after disrespecting their customs is really not the way to go at it. Don’t walk over offerings placed on the ground, do not block their way and perhaps getting a crash course on the customs will help – google for info.

2 Observe and shoot

Cleansing to fulfill vows

Those kavadis are huge and heavy – and most of the time they’re in a trance – so don’t ask them to pose – we’re not responsible if you get scratched.

3 The sudden dances

In action Cleansing

The kavadi bearers tend to burst into dance in seconds – so watch carefully if you’re too close and the moment they do the best thing to do is squat or go as low as possible.

4 Respect wishes

The wind blows away beauty In trance

If someone refuses to be photographed walk on – there are many eager ones who are more than willing to be photographed.

5 Watch your surroundings

Piercing the human skin

It’s moderately safe but if you don’t look at who you’re standing next to or where you’re at – you might become a petty theft victim. So be street smart and secure your bag at all times.

6 Eat and drink properly

Aum Hooked

Lack of nourishment coupled with the immense crowds – you’re a plump target to fainting.

7 Its a team effort

Light Chariot in the dark

So don’t get in between the people standing next to the kavadi – they’re there to support the devotee mentally and physically

8 You’re not allowed to hang around the stairs
Bless me

It’s crowded and too small – so be practical and give space or one of the rela person is gonna scream your head off.

9 Don’t push others

Especially fellow photographers – are you in a race or something? Does your life depend on it? No right? Take a chill pill people ;)

10 Explore

Try different compositions and feel the moment – most of all have fun.
Have fun shooting this weekend ;)

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Blogger Johan Sopiee said...
great stuff Vis! thanks for sharing!

Blogger Visithra said...
no prob johan - u heading there this year?

Blogger infamouz_creatorz said...
great...u rawk vis...im fan of u already....

Blogger Visithra said...
thanks infamouz ;) hope u went shooting as well