Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Chennai Dances
Chennai Dances

Chitiram Pesuthadi ;)

Early this year when I was in Chennai, I photographed a beautiful bharatanatyam dancer at a temple in Chennai. When I was scheduling the shoot and figuring out the location I remembered this temple that I had visited about 9 years back. Turns out the family knew the temple and we had our location.

Dancing doll

the look

I was hoping for beautiful old temple walls and had my fingers crossed it would have the red and white painted walls. Not only was the morning sun gorgeous, the walls were as I had wanted. 

The look

Dancing in Chennai

Dancer chennai dances

I absolutely loved the shoot and the photos. Thanks to my lovely dancer, her mom and her aunt ;) 

chennai dances chennai dances 

Sweetheart chennai dances chennai dances chennai dances Balance chennai dances 

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