Monday, August 30, 2010
Years ago on a trip to Cambodia, we had witnessed this amazing sunrise and minutes later much to my horror I formatted my SD card by accident.

Till today I still think of that sunrise. I’ve never had a similar incident till today when halfway through a portrait shoot, I accidentally formatted my CF card.

My heart stopped for a second as I went “oh shit”

Thankfully my lovely couple didn’t panic (I was doing all the panicking for all three of us) and we re-did the shoot. Amazingly the light was even nicer the second time. 

Shoot finished I returned home, still thinking about those missing shots. So I enlisted the help of Google and found two softwares to help me recover the photos. One which isn’t free, can recover every single image you have ever shot on your cf card (this is a bit scary) the other recovered the most recent 1000 photos and has a limited 1g free recovery. Woohooooooooooo  

Thanks guys for understanding ;)

Here’s one of the shots that were saved ;)


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