Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This pretty lady was introduced to me by my client from the UK while on holiday there. When she got back she promptly e-mailed me just before I headed to Singapore.


When I got back I set a date for the shoot and we met up on a lovely Saturday morning with half half skies. Yes the sky was half grey and half blue, and the blue was on the wrong side of the park we were shooting at.

So unless for one shot, I skipped the skies altogether; p

I love popping colours and I had called her up the day before to suggest to her on what colours to wear and I love what she picked. We had a good time shooting around the park.


Dear you are a natural ;) The black and white shot at the top was my favourite from her shoot.

Portrait Lovely Portrait
Portrait Portrait

On my way back she surprised me with homemade brownies ;p Awww all my clients seem to like to feed me! Hummm ;p

Lovely Beauty Sitting here under the tree Portrait

Thanks ladies for the shoot and referral ;) 

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Blogger anjali said...
WOw! Gorgeous shots, babe! And I agree, I love the b/w shot the most too!

You are one of my biggest muse right now! :)

Blogger Visithra said...
thanks dear ;) n much appreciation for always being a support ;)