Saturday, August 7, 2010
A love story

It was a lovely engagement with love pouring from all corners. I was taking photos of the bride Dr Nalini when we were told the groom had arrived and she insisted on waiting and peeking at him before she went back to her room. Yes such an awwwwww moment.


It was even sweeter that the moment Guna walked into the house, he immediately looked up.

A beautiful love story was unfolding just in front of us and we were definitely blessed to be part of it. Enjoy the images and take a look at the website they’ve created for their wedding ;) 

Mehendi on blue ;p


Father of the bride moment Mehendi Eyes The groom Engagement Engagement  Engagement Engagement Engagement

Ganesh Gorgeous Oooh Deep thoughts
Engagement Engagement Engagement The groom and the bride Lost in thoughts Colours Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Blessings Engagement  EngagementEngagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement

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The perfect love story