Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Wedding Ideas: Picking the right saree
Here’s are treat for all you non football fans ;) A post on sarees ;)

Sarees come in a multitude of variety, type and quality. It’s a mind boggling affair to pick the right saree for your wedding.

With so many different styles of saree’s available how do you pick one that suits you?

When choosing a saree for your wedding take into consideration the quality, weight, durability, drape, your body, height and style before purchasing. Remember this is a saree you want to be able to keep and use for a lifetime, so invest in a good saree.

Do avoid getting sarees with embellishments such as fake gold drops as this will fall and rust in a very short time. Stones and crystals may cost more but they will last longer as well.

Benaras silk
Saree’s like the Benaras silk are heavy in weight because of the thickness of the silk material coupled with the brocade work. Surprisingly it is the more popular wedding saree in Malaysia compared to the lighter and more commonly purchased wedding saree in India – Kanchipuram.

It may make plump brides look heavier on the hips and give thinner brides a more luscious look.

The saree is easier to drape but not the easiest to walk in. While they tend to glitter at the first use, the saree may lose its brightness and glitter after a few years unless you purchase the top most quality.

A lighter version of the Benaras saree that comes with silk thread embroidery is the Valkalam pattu.

Tissue Silk
It’s very lightweight in character but that is also its negative quality as it may give a puffy look to the bride if not draped properly. It is not that easy to drape either plus it may look less grand for a wedding.
This saree will need extra care than that is needed for most silk sarees due to the nature of its material.

Embroidered Chiffon Sarees
Are more suited for wedding dinners, the weight varies according to the quality and materials used. Gives a grand appearance and adds flash with its sequins and bead embroidery. 


Mysore Silk
You rarely see bride’s wearing this saree as the usual quality found in Malaysia seems too simple. However the higher quality saree’s that are considerably more expensive are grander and heavier in weight and could be used as wedding saree’s for the bride who is going for a softer look.

Unfortunately I don’t think the local stores in Malaysia have these saree’s in their shops.

Pochampali or Orissa Silk

These 2 type’s of sarees look similar in style but are different in price and workmanship. Done in the ikat style of tie dye, each saree is one of a kind even though they may look similar. They are considerably simple compared to the brocade rich saree’s usually one by brides.

But it’s perfect for the bride looking to be different and simple during her wedding as they usually do not have gold trimmings and feature more silver and embroidery work. The saree is also very light in weight. However there is limited variety in Malaysia stores.

Rangoli Silk
Is a pretty new silk that tends to imitate the look of Kanchipuram saree’s but offer them in lower prices, though again there are different qualities of saree’s. However regardless of the quality the gold brocade tends to change colour after a while. It is similar in weight to the Kanchipuram though the thread count, silk quality and colours differ.

Kanchipuram Silk
Is the queen of all silk sarees for its make, uniqueness, quality and colours. There are ways to identify the fake from the real handmade sarees. The handmade ones will have threads hanging out between the main body of the saree and the pallu (the end).


To attract the younger market they have created cheaper and lighter versions with newer patterns – stunning but it tends to be too light n crease easily. There are also gorgeous sarees with elaborate embroidery and stone work.

The prices will wary according to the grade of the silk, the variety of golden thread (pure gold thread or silver thread dipped in gold) and the amount of embroidery. With proper care these gold thread will not lose its colour and lustre unless your laundry shop spoils it. If your saree tears after a decade or so (depending on how you use it) you can take the saree to india to get the gold removed. Most of the saree’s are double toned so the colours will look different in diverse lighting.

Only a few stores in KL stock good quality Kanchipuram sarees which are mainly Gayathri’s (KL and Klang), Pothy’s and Nalli’s. Though be careful as sometimes they tend to show the Rangoli Kanchi saree’s due to most Malaysian brides preference.

So choose your saree’s wisely as this is for a lifetime. You don’t want to regret not getting one that will last long and stay in fashion. 

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Monday, June 28, 2010
U ...

... for Urbanscapes 2010. I still get excited seeing fire dances. Beautiful.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010
Enchanted Lover
enchanted lover

Krishna the enchanted lover - a preview ;)

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Friday, June 18, 2010
4th Time's a Charm

This was a pretty funny story to start with as the shoot got postponed three times ;p

We are family

First I called to ask if we could reschedule as my camera was still being serviced. The second week my clients husband decides to throw as surprise mother’s day celebration for his wife so we rescheduled again (i know so sweet right). The third time i got another call to change the shoot to the next day and so I switched times to the morning since I was busy in the evening. The both of us had our fingers crossed to make sure there was no more changes ;p

Daddy Time Daddys boy A moment love  Love 

It turned out for the best as we headed out to the park to shoot their family portraits with the main star of the day little Karthi ;) Ah what an inspiring little boy, he has the sweetest smile that blossoms when he spies his family, thank god I had the help of both his grandparents and his parents sisters for help to entertain him!


Karthi is super possessive of his family and its just so cute to watch ;) And he just loved being tossed into the air, not a single look of fear or nervousness, he just knew he could trust his family – so sweet ;)

Ice cream? light Daddys boy mummys boyGlee thinking Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi  Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Baby Karthi Funky Family time Safe

Of course he had to bully poor old photographer me and only smile when he saw his family. However i’m 100 percent certain the kid is going to miss me coz he got to eat ice-cream because of me! And you should have seen the look of glee on his face when his mom let him play in the water pool. The kids smart coz i think he figured I was helping him break rules coz he flashed me an awesome smile – yes just for me ;p  awwwwwwww


Wee Daughters Mummys boy Happyness Seeking mom Woohoo Family Baby Karthi Family That aunty is not entertaining Baby Karthi  Glee

Thanks little one for being inspiring and to the family – you guys were awesome to shoot ;)


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
New look
V-Eyez Imagery

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a new logo and mostly a new namecard for V-Eyez. V-Eyez actually stands for Visithra’s eyes not only coz it has been my online presence but because my photography is very much a view of what I see and so after many designs that I loved and valuable feedback (thank you) from my fellow photogs on Flickr I came out with this design which I absolutely love.

The shape represents the letter V and it’s unusually curvy which represents the meaning of my name Visithra – Unusual and the curvaceousness represents I’m a female photographer.  The eye of course, represents what I see. And the three lines together with the 2 that form the eye represent the human fingers without which I cannot click and create moving images.

So that’s V-Eyez in a nut shell and there's a slight change to the blog ;) 

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Saturday, June 12, 2010
Faces: Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers
When Peter first called me on behalf of Faces Magazine to be featured as one of the “Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers in Malaysia” I went mute for a second after hearing “we want to put you in a wedding gown!”

Umm that’s the dress I thought I would never have to wear as I am really not fond of white nor the whole princess feel ;p There’s a reason I prefer being an Indian bride ;p lol

Anyway each of us got to choose a wedding gown, figure out the accessories, pick photos and answer some interesting questions. Like how we would want our wedding to be! So you’ll have to read to find out more.


End of the day, we had a good time at the shoot, getting made up by Michelle Touche and team, dressed up by Pretty in White, hair styled by Miko Hair Studio and photographed by Peter Tan Photography. Meeting the rest of the ladies was a treat too (I’ve known a few) and we had fun shooting each other in between and posing with the makeup team.

So thanks to everyone who was involved and the Faces Magazine team. You can check out the rest of the photographers here

The article

And here’s a self portrait from that day – if you haven’t realised it till now, I’m the gal on the blog header above. ;)


To my clients and friends, thanks for the support ;)

Fatini Getting dolled up Faces - Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers"  Faces - Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers"

Doll Faces - Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers"

Have fun reading and do get a copy of the magazine ;) it's running out fast ;) You can read the full article here

The featured photos - phew it was such a daunting task to choose photos - so i gave them about 12 photos and these were the ones they picked ;) I do love the five photos you guys picked from the 12 I sent.

The moment... Goddess

The glow of a bride Splashed

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