Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Funny Shoot

This was a funny shoot for so many reasons.

First it took 6 months to plan since all three of us are such busy people and then it was brought to you by McDonalds. Well I wish but the irony of the day was, we ended up buying McDs from 2 different outlets and had our meals in the car as we rushed to our meeting spot.

A moment

The even weirder thing none of us are fast food fans. Anyway it was bright and sunny when we settled into my car and drove off to find this one location I’ve wanted to shoot at for some time. Just as we thought we won’t find the place, we bumped into the elusive road and found the abandoned building.

Sexy ;)

The next problem immediately swarmed in on us. The place was gorgeous but infested with mosquitos. My models were swatting themselves every 2 seconds so we quickly got out and tried to figure out what to do. We decided to find mosquito repellent and try the place again.
Weirdly the overbearing cheap cologne smelling repellent actually worked!

Touch don't Frozen moment

I’m sure you love the emotions in the photos but trust me this 2 burst out into laughter every 30 seconds! And it’s so infectious the three of us are laughing continuously.

How can you have a story without a mishap? Mid way through the shoot, I slipped on mud but the camera remained safe up in the air all throughout the slip ;p

Saigon lady Reaching out Together I aint talking to u ;p

At one point we started hearing furious tapping sounds above us and it took us some time to realise it was raining even though the place has no roof. The good thing about the place was we couldn’t feel the rain as the canopy is made of huge leaves.

Yoga come I'm a survivor Leaning on with you

But we still packed up just in case and stood waiting since we would definitely get wet walking out. As we stood there waiting we realised we were pretty much protected. So we decided to shoot again and midway through a few shots it started raining heavily and we made a mad dash to the car while I tried to protect the cameras.

I wish we had more time but whatever time we had was awesome.

Thanks guys ;)

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Anonymous Balajoe said...
Great shot! I liked this - but wished it was in colour.

By the way, looking at your stage photos, how you get the background to be in complete black without affecting the main image? You are using layers?

Blogger Visithra said...
bala: i do have it in colour - but somehow loved it in bnw more

i dod burn my bgs in photoshop n increase contrast

Blogger XMOCHA said...
Love this series.. that is Cheryl right?

Blogger Visithra said...
thanks dear ;) yes it is ;)