Saturday, March 13, 2010
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The wrath of Durga

In Reuters - October 2007

Reuters - October 2007

My first submission that was accepted ;)

Reuters has a Your View section where you can submit news related photos that may get published online. I've been pretty lucky to have gotten every submission accepted and featured on their site. I usually only submit photos once or twice a year ;)

In Jan  2008 - Reuters

Reuters - January 2008


Reuters - June 2009

Most recently my name actually became a search term on Reuters thanks to my photographer friends ;)


Who were looking for this Thaipusam Chariot photo which made the cut - January 2010

Blessing on reuters290110a

Also if you look for Kuala Lumpur you should get my photos ;)


Just found another today ;) Submitted for Thaipusam 2010


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