Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Baby Sharvesh


One of my wedding couples recently welcomed a baby boy into their life and I was invited to share in their joy and shoot the Baby Sharvesh’s Naming Ceremony on Valentines Day.



Daddy luvs ya ;p

Yawn  Love BnW Hey Ya IMG_6437s1 IMG_6434s1 IMG_6480s1 IMG_6481s1a aIMG_6444s1 IMG_6578s1 IMG_6338s1 IMG_6425s1 IMG_6619s1 IMG_6665s2a IMG_6542s1 Mummy loves ya  Wide eyed kiddo 

The cute little munchkin was pretty fuss free as long as he was safely in his mom or grandmas arm. I caught him staring lovingly into his mommys eyes so many times ;p

We are family ;)

Rockstar Baby Twinkling baby Mummys darling Baby toes Safe in great grandmas hands I don't want mittens!  Vitamin time ;p IMG_6259s1 IMG_6820s1 IMG_6824s1 IMG_6855s1 IMG_6502s1 IMG_6368s1 IMG_6292s1 Proud mummy IMG_6366s2a

I’m predicting he’s gonna be rocking the dance floor soon with all the moves he was breaking on his crib ;p

Milk time

Congrats to the new parents ;)

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