Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Gather the Energy

Gather the Energy , originally uploaded by visithra.

I caught Gather the Lost in April and managed to speak to both the artist Nancy and Bill. Both of them have been traveling the world teaching dance and yoga while learning local cultures and dance. What I loved about their performance then was the amazing concentration; they were aware of their surroundings but did not react to anything eventhough they were performing in a crowded lobby area.

Twirl Light Moving Gather the Energy
They were back to perform in KLPAC last month and I got a chance to watch them again during the Summer Solstice. This time the performance was called Gather the Energy. Their dance style is called tribal ritual dance and has elements of belly dancing, Indian, eastern and African moves.

The performance began outside the studio and at the end the group together with another dancer Vimala travelled back to their changing rooms with the audience and musicians following behind them. It was a Pied Piper moment, curious to see what was next and enchanted by their moves and the beating of the drums, people followed them out.

Veiled Light
They have made some excellent improvements, the time taken for the rituals were shorter, they changed the feel of the performance which gave a vibe of energy compared to the first one’s sense of loss and the use of live percussionists which made a lot of difference.

Gather the Energy Trance

You could feel their joy and love for dance in their performance and the way they engaged the audience. I came out of the performance feeling a sense of vibrancy and joy at being a part of such an energized performance. The excellent music by the KLPAC in house percussionists added to the experience.

Nancy teaches tribal belly dance at KLPAC.

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