Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Johny Johny Yes Papa
Chubby cheeks ;p

It’s nearly one year since I photographed this beautiful baby girl. She’s already 1 yet I thought it will bring back lovely memories for her parents. I had such fun photographing little Ishana.

mummys love



Ishana was 5 months old when I photographed her in Madras, India. Her parents had contacted me before I arrived and after a few mails we got everything set. WE were heading to the beautiful Radisson Blu resort at Mamallapuram or better known as Mahabalipuram for the photos.

We picked an early morning as Ishana was an early riser and I wanted to get some gorgeous morning light and oh what gorgeous light we got. At one point it did annoy the little one but all she needed was a little nap and she was back to her giggly self.



love flare

What I loved most was all the parents had to do was look at the little one and she would burst into laughter. The parents would sing her beautiful Tamil lullaby’s and English nursery rhymes and she would get so excited. Every frame you see of her laughing is her getting excited by her parents voice.


Everytime she laughed I wanted to give her thousand kisses but I had photos to take!
One of the verses that got her most excited was the little nursery rhyme below

Johny Johny Yes Papa

Johny, Johny,
Yes, Papa,
Eating sugar?
No, Papa
Telling lies?
No, Papa
Open your mouth
O Ha! Ha! Ha!

So enjoy the photos of beautiful Ishana and her lovely family.  

Cutie pie ;)  joy in the face of love

Ps: the lateness is my usual busyness – it takes a longgggggggggggggg time to prepare a post ok ;p

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