Thursday, April 19, 2012
A tale of two

Romance in the jungle


Both sessions of this shoot would probably be one of my favourites last year. Simply because despite the conditions and situations I got them in, they trusted me completely and I think the images speak for themselves.

Red love

The first shoot took place at a river site near Kuala Lumpur which has now become one of my favourite spots. Lets just say the rain was playing hide and seek with us through out the shoot. Thanks to the sister who of the bride who helped them get on and off the rocks and gushing water.

Water play

a moment in love



you belong to me


The second shoot was an evening in the city nearing Christmas in a tropical country. WE don’t have snow but oh we have so much light don’t we. Kuala Lumpur is amazing if you know where to look and you keep your eyes open ;)

Romance in the city  Love

Take that

Like I said the couple trusted me completely and stood absolutely still so I could capture the beautiful twilight in the cityscape shot and the flickering lights in the light room where its Christmas all year round ;)

Don't move

A Beauty


Coffee time

The shoots were kept in secret till it was unveiled during their wedding in February this year! 

Thanks guys ;)

IMG_1602n1 IMG_1466n2a sweet  together  us Patterned  IMG_1764nv2 IMG_1473nv1av IMG_1384s1a IMG_1728n1 IMG_1480n1 IMG_1588n1 IMG_1722nv1 IMG_5510n1


red  IMG_5540n1 us  IMG_1406n1 IMG_5339n1 IMG_1734n3a IMG_5313n1 IMG_1581n1 IMG_5462n1 IMG_5413n1 IMG_1458n3a IMG_5359n1 IMG_1432n1 IMG_5449n1 IMG_1753n1 IMG_5404n1 IMG_5379n1 IMG_5344n1 IMG_5458n1 IMG_5360n1a IMG_5548n1 IMG_5322n1 IMG_5424n1 IMG_1688n1

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