Thursday, September 15, 2011
Infectious love
brown beauty

They say love is infectious. You can’t help but smile a tiny bit when you see people in love or the love between parents and their kids



Mirrors ;)


That probably explains why I was smiling non-stop at the engagement ceremony of Nantinii and Vellu Khanna. 
Nantinii is my friends sister and as long as I’ve known them they’ve been inseparable.



Everytime I visit them it always feels like I’m at home with family as they’re just absolutely wonderful people. Even at the engagement I was treated like family and I’m really honoured for the trust and love.
Nantinii is a stunning beauty and that day she was glowing with so much love and happiness it was infectious. 

Getting ready

I’m pretty sure no one could have looked at her and not gone awwwwwwww ;p

Getting ready reflective goodness ;p Friendly kisses   sweet Sweet reflected  

I continued my obsessions with mirrors both in the portraits and with the rings. I had insisted they let me play with the rings earlier on and I absolutely love how they turned out.

The ring that binds them Mirrored The groom  

They trusted my ideas and suggestions whole heartedly and gave me ample time to shoot. Nantinii was game to pose everytime I turned my camera at her. I love this portrait with her mom and aunties.


four Gorgeous reflected Mehendi 

My long time friend and photographer Fong, based in the Midwestern region of the USA was in the country for a holiday and assisted me for the engagement. Thanks dear for the help and it was definitely fun to shoot with you ;)


Hindu engagements are an elaborate affair, okay anything indian is elaborate! ;p

But it’s the colours and lights that make it so beautiful together with all the laughter and people.
Despite getting teased by his friends, Vellu was a sport and posed for my photos as soon as he arrived, just before the ceremony started.



It was a beautiful engagement and dinner. So much love and happiness all around. I love the portraits we did together at the end.


A sweet beginning cool IMG_4985nv1 IMG_4601nv1

The beautiful couple were a treat to shoot but it was this beautiful message from her sister that reminds me that the bond of sisterhood is unbreakable.

I remember ..when i fought with my sister`s babysitter, and my mom said that i had to henceforth take care of her myself. quite understandable, since it was the 3rd sitter i "chased" away. yeap, i sure was a spitfire. not so much anymore :-)
..when it dawned on me that my sis will be leaving my perimeter very soon. not that great of a feeling, actually. but it does help that she ended up with a great guy :-)

but i guess time does move on, sometimes faster than we`d like.

To the sisters, your love will always be strong no matter the distance. To the couple - congrats you guys!

Can’t wait to shoot your wedding next year!



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