Tuesday, November 9, 2010
From India with love
The silence of love

OK I usually don’t blog previews, but I just had to do this coz this would go into my hall of shooting injury list! As per the last count there were a total of three leech bites among the three of us, Gayathri had one and I had two! Somehow the leeches preferred the ladies! ;p

As it goes with leeches, they bite you and leave without even saying hello! Bah

But it was all worth it coz I totally love the shots ;)

Sunny day out

Gayathri and Manoj who are from Bangalore, India had found me thanks to the Google gods. After much deliberation, they decided they wanted me to photograph them (yayyyyy). So after weeks of discussion, we finally met when they arrived in Kuala Lumpur for their holiday and photo shoot.

More much later, I’ve got so many posts waiting in queue! ;p

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