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2009 recap @2
Beauty in Destruction in/Visible

Continuing from the first half of my 2009 recap, the 2 events that were probably the highlight of the year was my travel photography exhibitions at KLPAC. Beauty in Destruction took place for 2 weeks in April on Cambodia While in/Visible was held in June for 4 weeks and focused on Malaysia. At the end of it 3 of the exhibited photos now are proudly owned by some lovely people. A few weeks later my photos were published and selected to appear in the digital exhibition during Klue's Urbanscapes 2009.

Published 2009 - 08
This particular photo which has always been my favourite shot and was exhibited in KLPAC was used in an ad for the Agathians Shelter. So if you're looking to contribute to a home you know where to head.

Mid of 2009 was absolutely crazy, while preparing for the exhibitions I was shooting and designing a dance potrait shoot and brochure. Which was followed by the event shooting itself days before launching the second exhibition.

Playing the waiting game Enna thavam seithenei Paal Vadiyum mugam

Precision Radiant “Oh Krishna how did you enter my heart and enslaved me? Serene

Arangetram brochure - Lavin - back

Selected potraits done throughout the year.
The violinist
Bling Green gal Aargggggggggggggggggg

real or fiction? @ rapunzel Jeweled

Kervin Urban fashion Kervin Love quiet Blowing Kisses see no evil Aged Dancing

Getting invited to shoot a school in India was quite a surprise but as expected it was an amazing experience. I'm still missing the little innocent faces at King's Matriculation, Thirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India.

Pre-schooler The future Yoga

These photos are pretty special for me as I have always wanted to shoot newborn babies, expecially the photo of those little feet. So another thing of my most shoot list ;p

Ecstacy Pink Safe

Last but not least the weddings, engagements, dinners, pre-weddings, wedding games, nalanggu's and more for the year. Beautiful moments and some lovely results. the first photo is my absolute fav photo of the year for its uniqueness. And even a golden wedding.

Bridal reflections

Love in the present Beautiful Light trail A union of hearts Beautiful I got ya

Anywhere else???? What did I sign myself into? Happily married ;p Glow of a bride Gorgeous Magic Love You're invited! I garland thy Together Flowery frame Joy

Now that officially wraps my recap of 2009. Phew. ;)

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