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2009 recap @1
2009 has been a pretty interesting year. So I was thinking perhaps I should do a recap of the year in photos and by the time I was finished its become 2 pages long. We'll start of with my most favourite past time travelling. The year started off with a trip around Negeri Sembilan where we met some lovely people.
Am I yours???

Early August did a shot break in Kuantan, Pahang with my brand new lenses and my new Canon 40d. Exactly a week later I returned to the borders of Pahang for more photos. Travelling locally on the old roads always brings you abundant surprises.

Fishing Macho Mechanics

Plastered Leisure day Royal

The highlight of the year was of course my trip to the southern state of India, Tamilnadu. Now I had been to most places there on about 3 other trips but I had never gone as a photographer. Plus I wanted to see how the place looked now as I only kept going back to Chennai and my hometown Thiruvannamalai. Also this time I wanted to concentrate on taking photos of people. I had gotten the Sigma 70 - 300 for that very reason and I must say I loved every minute of it ;p

Looking People watching In Between locked Potrait of a thinker Meditating sweety Durge Priest Resting Bored Corn on fire Enjoying the morning

Of course travel will always include the many visits around KL and the events of the year. Wesak Day, Thaipusam, The Putrajaya Hot air Balloon Festival, Annexe Art for Grabs, Design Festival, Urbanscapes, Red FM party, my nearly live in status in KLPAC and more.

It was also the year we lost MJ and I ended up heading to Sony Tribute at 1 Utama as well as the Worldwide Thriller Tribute. Friends would know how much of a crazy fan I am, still missing him.

Bon Voyage Ahoy Getting ready

Walking Guitarist Getting ready Prayers laundry day minibus driver Natural Love I can't choose 1 Bunny to dry Y Light vs darkness Body - Check, legs - check .... MJ Tribute Malaysia God bless Blue Blue KL Rising from the dead Skies turn red Dancing Blowing Kisses

Thaipusam needs a section of its own given the number of hours I spend there the chariot procession, the kavadis, the whole atmosphere.

Bless me
Light Cleansing

In trance Piercing the human skin In action Framed

Then there are the children I absolutely love to photograph.
Sad? Innocence Water gal Safe Pink Ecstacy

Ummmm Sweetness Hey Love Water boy Grin master

Thanks to the American Embassy and Annexe Gallery we had the privilege to attend a talk by the famous photographer Steve Mcurry. He is the man who shot the Afghan Girl for National Geographic.


They say home is sometimes the best place to shoot especially when you have a wild garden above ground ;p

In full bloom Rain

This was also the year I photographed and attended a multitude of performances. My writing assignments with AsiaDanceChannel lead to me reviewing and photographing Aradhana, Natya Prasath, Merchants of Bollywood and most recently Cantonese Opera. There was also the production of Gather the Energy by my friends Nancy and Bill.

Mak Yong Titis Sakti and famed dancer Urmila Satyanarayanans "Panchaali Sabatham" was the only performance I watched that I managed to shoot, the rest; Hamlet, Sutra's Rasa Unmasked, Japanese Dance Workshop, Anjali, Short+Sweet Festival, The Madman's Diary went unphotographed.

There was also the string of Bharathanatyam arangetrams as well as Navarathri for dance. Most of the pictures never saw daylight as there was just too many things going on at one time.

Ritual Lost in thoughts .... Grace Love The queen Gather the lost Romance Energetic dance Warrior queen Curves I surrender I'm innocent my love!!! Light Love Dancing Joy Ganesha Gaze Painted face

And that's the gist of the first half recap of 2009. Most of the photos can be seen here.

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Anonymous anis said...
i am absolutely in awe! these are really great photos!

Anonymous Steve said...
Awesome shots!!!

Blogger Visithra said...
thanks anis and steve ;)