Monday, April 13, 2009
Thank you ;)

Thank you ;), originally uploaded by visithra.

This kid was the last one I spoke to at our exhibition. By the time he got there, everyone had left and we had just had dinner and kaz had left. I decided to linger to figure out it i was going to watch rasa unmasked (which i did) and this kids mom comes to me and goes are these photos yours, my son thinks its you.

So we had a long conversation and I ask the little darling which was his fav and wahla you have it at the back. we tried to shoot nearly everyone who came or spoke to us with their fav shots from both of us. Will upload those later - let me tell you one thing though - this was nearly everyone's fav of my shots ;)

Thanks everyone for coming, all the messages and love.

We'll be there tomorrow and next weekend as well ;) Come and say hi ;)

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