Thursday, April 23, 2009
Priceless moments ;)

The exhibition finally ended on Sunday with the funniest incident. Kaz had packed up and left earlier, I decided to wait after the evening crowd went in for the shows. So once everyone had left I slowly took them down and as I was making my way to my car I heard a familiar voice. My friend had just arrived hoping to catch the exhibition.

He was rushing from another event and if he had been 5 minutes late I would have left. I told him if he wanted I’ll show him piece by piece and so he and his gf got a personalized showcase of my work ;)

That was the feeling we had throughout the exhibition, wonderful support and love from walk in visitors and our invited guests.

The reaction has mostly been amazing and we’re thankful for the opportunity. We’ve also had amazing support from the staff of KLPAC and the founders themselves. Thank you to everyone for the support, for coming, for supporting us even though they couldn’t attend, for encouraging us and for the love.

The photos are still up for sale ;) let me know if you wanna purchase them

Jaded Light Ancient Beauty in destruction Silence Rings of time

Mystical Dreams are made here

Perplexed infinity

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