Monday, October 19, 2009
Baggage drama
Baggage woes

Before I start my stories on India, I’m going to tell you the last drama we had at LCCT. We were waiting for baggage when two of our bags arrived at the same time. So I headed for the bigger bag while mom headed for the smaller one. Once we collected our bags we got out, got a taxi, called home and headed back. We got back and were busy yakking when mom decided we should start unpacking about an hour after arriving – groan.

There we were taking out things from one of the bags and sarees we hadn’t purchased began appearing. We dug further only to find a silver lamp inside the bag. Our bags had somehow mixed up with someone elses, we quickly searched the whole bag for a name or address but got nothing. All we got were more things that seemed for a wedding. We panicked, what if the wedding was in 2 days or even worse tomorrow??

We had to find the owners. While scanning the bags we realized our bags had different codes. We started calling Air Asia enquiry to get the baggage section. Alas we kept getting forwarded to different sectors but the lost and found section.
Then I tried the Sales hotline only to be told I should head back to the airport.

Then my brother found LCCT’s number and from there we were transferred to a few places before someone finally gave us the Lost and Found department. I was connected to Mr Vicky. I quickly explained my situation and told him the urgency of the situation. In a matter of minutes he confirmed my information and found me the other persons information and number.

Unfortunately the number couldn’t be contacted and I was getting a fax line on the fixed line. So I called Mr Vicky again and he game me another number to try. That number worked but ended up at what was the persons travel agents house. After explaining my situation to the wife, she promised to contact her husband in India and get back to me.

She kept her promise and contacted her husband who then contacted his clients in Malaysia. The family finally called us and it seems they were looking for us as well. We made arrangements to meet at a halfway point and we had been right the old couple were here for their son’s marriage. The good thing was it was a month away and not the next day and we just got invited to that wedding ;)

Without the help from AirAsia staff Mr Vicky we wouldn’t have managed to locate them. Thanks a lot for your help and incase anyone needs the LCCT Lost and Found department’s number : 03-87776604.

A suggestion to Airasia please add a lost and found section on your enquiry number and update your sales staff on the right instructions.

So that’s one drama ;p more to come later.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
haha..Take 1 ... Waiting for the whole story of ur journey with pictures of course ...