Tuesday, June 15, 2010
New look
V-Eyez Imagery

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a new logo and mostly a new namecard for V-Eyez. V-Eyez actually stands for Visithra’s eyes not only coz it has been my online presence but because my photography is very much a view of what I see and so after many designs that I loved and valuable feedback (thank you) from my fellow photogs on Flickr I came out with this design which I absolutely love.

The shape represents the letter V and it’s unusually curvy which represents the meaning of my name Visithra – Unusual and the curvaceousness represents I’m a female photographer.  The eye of course, represents what I see. And the three lines together with the 2 that form the eye represent the human fingers without which I cannot click and create moving images.

So that’s V-Eyez in a nut shell and there's a slight change to the blog ;) 

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Blogger sabrina said...
Love it babes. You should get a tattoo!


Blogger Visithra said...
ehhehe would be pretty but i cant take painla babe - but i loveeeee tatoos - so its going on a new bag im custom making at the moment ;p