Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Water shoot

Children make their own photos. you're there to document them. Even when they're nervous they give you the most amazing expressions. All you have to do is put them on a spot and start shooting.

Water boy

Of course if you have water nearby it becomes even more entertaining! Check out the slide for more photos. The three siblings had a blast torturing the fish in the fountain. The youngest tried but kinda ended up becoming the spectator.

Grin master

apprehensive Come see Sad?

Playtime splashed

glee Water gal Bubbly

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Visi - just wondering, what tools you use to darken the surroundings - see

I have some photos which will be great with a darken borders but been looking high & low for the right tools

Blogger visithra said...
its called vigneting - has a similar tool n other lovely tools ;) have fun trying

Anonymous Anonymous said... looks like there is alot of things to learn

Blogger Visithra said...
balajoe : learning never stops - in photography the more u put n effort to learn the better u become -