Friday, November 20, 2009
Golden Wedding
Aruvadham Kalyanam

During my travels in India, I chanced upon a family celebrating the 60th birthday of the father with an aruvadham Kalyanam (Shashtiabdapoorthi) or in other words a remarriage at the 60th year.

Aruvadham Kalyanam’s are considered rare as very rarely you would meet a couple in their 60s. 60 signifies the completion of a hindu calendar cycle and the beginning of a second cycle and hence its significance.

The bride The couple

The children will then perform a wedding for their parents to celebrate their lifetime and reinforce the bond between husband and wife.

Since it’s a rare occasion, it’s considered lucky to witness such a wedding and so mom and I stopped to watch and photograph one of the rites in the wedding. Sacred water that has been purified and had manthras recited are poured on the couple by the priest, guests and family.

The family actually made way for me to shoot but I decided to stay at the side ;)

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