Friday, September 11, 2009
The Seven steps

My most favourite moment in a wedding is the sapthapadi where the groom bends down and holds the right toe of his wife with his right hand and helps her take seven steps around the fire. Each step is a promise they make to each other.

"By taking these seven steps, you have become my dearest friend. I pledge my unfailing loyalty to you. Let us stay together for the rest of our lives. Let us not separate from each other ever. Let us be of one mind in carrying out our responsibilities as householders (grihasthas)."

1 Together we will share the responsibilities of home and children

2 Together we will develop mental, physical and spiritual strength

3 Together we will prosper and share our worldly goods

4 Together we will fill over hearts with great joy, peace and happiness

5 Together we will raise strong and virtuous children

6 Together we will remain faithful, lifelong partners.

7 Together we will cherish each other and our families in sorrow and happiness.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I looooooove the colors in this one.. You are wonderful photographer, Visithra!
Do you do post-processing?

Beautiful moments captured very well,

All the Best,

Blogger vidhya said...
Very nice to read this. Also lovely pictures