Thursday, June 4, 2009
I'm innocent my love!!!

I'm innocent my love!!! , originally uploaded by visithra.

I was walking out of KLPAC when a pair of eyes stared at me. I stood stunned at the beauty of those eyes, and dashed in to buy tickets to a show 1 month down the road.


Last night I finally saw the show. Mak Yong – Titis Sakti was amazing!

Based on Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream, the dance musical had beautiful dances, amazing
charecterisation and provided such humour. We laughed our heads off.

How dare you!!

I loved the crowds reaction and interaction, the casts improvisation at times to the live show. There was one point one of the cast members accidentally laughed when she was supposed to be frozen, and immediately one of them exclaimed “eh power tak cukup ni” “eh my magics power is not enough”! Or at the beginning when someones phone rang and they made a snide remark on that.

I had so many favourites – the absolute favourties were the 2 comedian palace helpers (jester?), Cempaka Sari’s father, cempaka sari (the heroine), titis sakti,

Ahh she loves me

The father was going around the audience asking for his daughter, and at one point started asking me in English

“you see my daughter?” I said NO “Oh no you didn’t!” lol

I was wondering earlier why I was being flashed with a red light and I guess I was picked to answer.

The musics awesome, the relevance to current times comedy, the use of handphones and the right scenes for the adaption really worked. Eventhough its in a thick kelantanese slang, I could understand most of it!

Oh do buy the program book, I’m in love with the illustrations.

Don’t miss the show, it runs till this Sunday!

In/Visible runs from 1 – 14 June 2009 at KLPAC - Please sign up at our Facebook page here

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Blogger Unknown said...
Dear Visithra,

My colleague and I are USM lecturers and we have written an academic article on Makyong Titis Sakti. We have been searching for images of the performance and came across your blog.
We are wondering if you have any more images such as this one, that focuses on the character of Dewa Raja Kayangan as he is the focus in our paper. Our paper will be published by an international publisher (Routledge) and they require high resolution images as well as permission from the photographer in order to use the images.

Please respond as soon as possible to my email address

Many thanks for your help,
dr nurul

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