Monday, June 22, 2009

Curiosity, originally uploaded by visithra.
Phew our exhibition is finally over after its one week extension – yeah we’ve been bumming at KLPAC for 3 weeks! Good thing was we had loads of fun, went for a number of shows, met amazing people, shot some lovely photos, danced around with a little kid, goofed around, yeah tiring but fun.

Titled in/Visible, our aim was to tell stories with our photos. Each photo was accompanied by a story or message we wanted to share. SO take your time to read them and our synopsis to understand what we did.

People really enjoyed the stories from our feedback. Only we knew how much we raked our heads to find the right story from our blogs and write a few fresh ones.

You will only find 8 photos up at the moment, will upload the other 2 tomorrow.

in/Visible Synopsis in/Visible

Curiosity Do you want this? Vortex Morning at the Cathay

God bless Window of life Waiting Urban Rain Young master... Cheeky

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