Monday, May 18, 2009

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There’s a buddhist centre near my old house – the Nalanda – a centre based on sri lankan teachings. Different budhist practices from different countries have slightly different styles of workship – the Tibetian one is more similar to hinduism where Buddha is portrayed in various forms and devi plays a major role. I never found the time to go there till on Wesak Day, last Saturday.

It’s a very new centre and I was told it was started to offer students in the local univ (I live in a univ town) a place to workship and bond. What I liked about the place was they were very welcoming. Lights and flowers and food was given to all.

I’ve always loved the serenity of Buddha, I fell in love with one particular statue in chiang mai last year and was sitting in front of him forever. I’m also prone to sit and enjoy the chants of the workshipers – very soothing.

Few years back we had the opportunity to perform in a dance drama on Sidharta. Upon seeing our performance, the main buddhist vihara in KL invited us to perform again on the steps of their temple on a full moon day. It was one of our most memorable performance as there was just an amazing serenity to it facing the moon and performing to the world. Ps : was recovering from flu yesterday – feeling much better today

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