Thursday, May 22, 2008
Journey through Images
Welcome to V-Eyez Imagery. Thanks for dropping by.

I shoot photos (not people) as a passion,
I’m persistent in getting the right shots and
most of all I believe everyone is beautiful.

If you like what you see, click on the contact page and give me a call.

Every point in life is a special moment,
capture your memories in images.

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Blogger < naga > said...
OMG how do you take em pictures?? I had goosebumps looking at some of them. Seriously, they are awesome!!

p/s: After my exams I am going to emailing you lol ;)

Blogger Mal said...
hi visithra,

more pics 4 me 2 oogle. btw, u ever thinking of giving classes. will b glad 2 b ur first 'experimental' student :)


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