Thursday, December 9, 2010
The way you make me feel ;)
Manic mind ;)

This as usual is a long overdue shoot. Ok that;s kinda usual with me - i should probably stop repeating it.

Glow of love



They've already gotten married - that's how late this is. Their pre-wedding portrait session was held in one of my favourite venues, where i absolutely love the light! The absolutely cool and fun couple pick Michael Jackson's The Way you make me feel for the presentation. MJ fan's are so cool ;p

A moment

Actually I nearly jumped out of my seat when they picked the song and told me there would be a Thriller dance at the wedding! Woohoo and there was. Now people this is how you make a MJ fan photographer cry happy tears. ;)))

Love Light of togetherness Framed Saved  IMG_6155jd1 IMG_6144jd1 IMG_6150jd1 IMG_6112jd1

This was also the shoot I had to find a miracle save via the Google gods ;p


So I leave you with some of my favourite shots of the year ;) Toodles ;p

Bollywood macha ;p  Together  IMG_6139jd1 IMG_6086jd1 Together  IMG_5994jd1 IMG_5931jd1 IMG_6019jd1 together  IMG_6082jd1 IMG_6063jd1 FILE740jd1 FILE676jd1

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